Is the whole house coughing? Discover the new Meltus campaign signed by Medic One & MullenLowe Romania


Is the whole house coughing? Discover the new Meltus campaign signed by Medic One & MullenLowe Romania


Medic One and MullenLowe Romania sign the newest Meltus campaign developed for Zentiva, following a creative pitch won in 2023. Titled „Meltus – The whole house is coughing”, the campaign addresses combating coughs through the Meltus product range suitable for soothing the entire family’s coughs.

Once coughing makes its presence felt in a family member, there is a risk of rapid transmission of the infectious cause through coughing to all household members. The campaign emphasizes this reality, starting from the Romanian expression „toată casa” (the whole house), which denotes the entire family.

„Meltus is a range of products suitable for soothing the coughs for the whole family, or as we commonly say, the whole house. The natural extracts and unique formulas are ready to bring relief and ease coughs for the whole family. We believe that every family deserves the best care when dealing with coughs, and through the new campaign, developed in collaboration with the Medic One and MullenLowe Romania teams, we invite everyone to discover Meltus syrups, in both adult and children’s variants, by watching the new creative executions in a mix of target-relevant channels: TV, radio, online, and OOH”, said Daniel Petre, Head of Marketing CHC, Zentiva Romania.

Inspired by those moments when we attribute faces and even various expressions to different objects, the creative execution of the campaign surprises viewers by personifying houses, turning them into living characters that experience coughing just like the entire family. Thus, the central idea, „The whole house is coughing”, becomes a reality, vividly illustrating that viral infections spread rapidly and can affect every person within the household.

„At Medic One, we take pride in our ability to bring a fresh and different perspective to each project, and ‘Meltus – The whole house is coughing’ is no exception. Together with our colleagues at MullenLowe Romania, we have managed to add value through the chosen creative approach. In a world flooded with advertising campaigns for health-related products, we enjoy shaping a concept that also stands out for its relevance, demonstrating that differentiation in the category is not just about adding a touch of novelty and beauty, but it relies on carefully processed insights translated into a great creative manner”, said Oana Cociașu, Managing Partner, Medic One.

„Meltus – The whole house is coughing is the result of a creative approach in which imagination meets reality. Based on natural ingredients and proven effectiveness, Meltus helps soothe the coughs of the entire family. Drawing inspiration from the magic of everyday life and moments when various objects seem to have their own expressions, we have transformed houses into living characters. Through this execution, we have brought to life the expression ‘the whole house is coughing’, personifying houses in a highly expressive manner – both in the TV spot and across the other communication channels”, said Silviu Antohe, Executive Creative Director, MullenLowe Romania.

Medic One, a full-service agency specialized in medical marketing and communication, and MullenLowe Romania, the brand agency that offers multi-channel creative solutions based on relevant data analysis and insights, present the new Meltus campaign through a diverse mix of deliverables, including a TV spot, online videos, YouTube ads, OOH, web banners, and a radio spot.

The teams involved in the project:

Zentiva: Daniel Petre (Head of Marketing CHC), Diana Petre (Trade Marketing & Product Manager CHC);

Medic One: Oana Cociașu (Managing Partner), Corina Sofariu (Account Director), Oana Catargiu (Account Manager);

MullenLowe Romania: Silviu Antohe (Executive Creative Director), Andrei Ropotă (Senior Copywriter), George Liloiu (Senior Art Director), Adrian Radu (AV Producer), Andra Panaitescu (Client Service Director), Maria Toma (Digital Project Manager).

About Medic One

Medic One was founded in 1999 by Dr. Oana Cociaşu, Veronica Savanciuc and other partners, being the first full service agency specialized in medical marketing and communication in Romania. Medic One provides consultancy, strategy, creation and implementation of integrated offline and online medical communication campaigns for both the local and international market. The agency’s campaigns and projects have won multiple national and international awards at festivals such as EMEA Sabre Awards, EFFIE, IAB Mixx Awards, ADC*Ro, PR Awards and Cristal Festival. Medic One is a member of the Lowe Group communications group, which also includes Initiative, MullenLowe Romania and Golin. For more information, visit

About MullenLowe Romania

For 30 years in Romania, MullenLowe is an integrated marketing and communication agency that aims to maintain its entrepreneurial creativity mindset and dynamic spirit. The agency positions itself as a challenger to the traditional creative process and adopts a working model based on integration, as well as a holistic perspective on communication. 

The creative product signed by MullenLowe Romania is conceived rather as business solution than just customer communication, through creative thinking, media innovation and a customer journey that differentiates its clients on their highly competitive markets. 

Owned by the American Group IPG (Interpublic Group), MullenLowe is one of the largest communication networks globally, with over 90 agencies in America, EMEA and APAC, one of the Interpublic Group of Companies. In Romania, the agency is part of the Lowe Group, one of the most important communication groups on the market.

For more information, please visit, MullenLowe Romania Facebook page or MullenLowe Romania LinkedIn page. 

About Zentiva

Zentiva is a pan-European platform that develops, produces, and supplies high-quality medicines at affordable prices to over 100 million people across Europe. The Zentiva Group has four production facilities (including two Zentiva and Labormed factories in Romania, one factory in Prague, and one in Ankleswar), all fully owned, and an extensive network of partnerships with raw material suppliers to ensure supply chain security.

The company offers therapeutic solutions in key areas such as cardiology and circulation, diabetes, oncology, respiratory system, central nervous system, and continues to expand its portfolio in the field of consumer healthcare – prevention and health care.

Zentiva Group is owned by a private equity fund and has a team of nearly 5,000 talents, united by the mission of providing high-quality medicines at affordable prices to people who depend on them every day.



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