Exorigo-Upos sets its sights on Romania


Exorigo-Upos sets its sights on Romania


Exorigo-Upos, a Polish technology company, provides retail companies with support in the field of IT services, the development of e-commerce platforms or the implementation of omnichannel strategies. It has been developing in 25 foreign markets for almost 20 years and has also been present in Romania for nine years. After a series of successful projects with major Romanian clients such as Cora and Popeyes Romania, Exorigo-Upos is planning further expansion in this market.

Exorigo-Upos provides end-to-end support for retail, developing software and providing hardware and maintenance services. It performs advanced implementations and integrations, advises on IT strategy and business development, and supports in the choice of optimal technology. The company was formed from the merger of two entities: Exorigo (dealing with software) and UPOS (specialising in hardware).

The company has more than 30 years of experience in the retail industry. It carries out more than 1,000 projects per year and supports more than 50,000 service points per month in 25 European markets.  It has branches in Poland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania.

Exorigo-Upos provides clients with end-to-end IT solutions that include the integration of advanced IT systems, software development and extensive strategic consulting in this area. The company also supports in the implementation of omnichannel solutions, which enable unified sales management across channels. It also offers services related to the development of e-commerce platforms.

In the retail sector in Romania, especially in the grocery sector, growths of up to 8 per cent are forecast until 2027. The role of shopping centres and retail parks is also growing. With this, we hope to further strengthen our presence in this market. Romania has become an important investment destination for us, where we can offer our cutting-edge technology and best services, enabling local retailers to exploit the full potential of digital commerce, which is particularly important given the growing importance of online channels. These are expected to record the highest growth rate in the retail industry in Romania. Therefore, we plan to focus on omnichannel solutions, which are increasingly valued by Romanian entrepreneurs – says Marek Nowakowski, General Director Exorigo-Upos SRL Romania.

Since 2015, Exorigo-Upos has gained extensive knowledge of the Romanian retail sector, including regulatory requirements, consumer behaviour and market trends. It uses this to develop solutions tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities faced by retailers in the region.

The company has completed a number of projects for Romanian clients. One of the largest was the rebranding of Cora shops, which included 10 hypermarkets and nine minimarkets of the brand. The Polish team coordinated the work in terms of visual, hardware and fiscal changes. Exorigo-Upos also supported the opening of the first Wittchen store in the country, taking care of all fiscal and technical aspects. For the Sportisimo chain, they installed fiscal printers and provided remote installation and training services. The company also worked with the Burger King chain, introducing state-of-the-art screens for customers to make it easier for them to track their orders and access promotions. For the Victoria’s Secret brand, the team implemented omnicommerce solutions to streamline inventory management and payment processes.

Understanding the specific needs of our customers and adapting our services to them is key to our strategy in the Romanian market. We strive not only to provide solutions that are up-to-date, but, above all, those that are future-proof and can evolve with the growing demands of the market. This allows our customers to not only maintain, but above all increase their market advantage – adds Marek Nowakowski.

Exorigo-Upos is committed to supporting both local and international brands, helping them to fully exploit the potential of information technology in their daily operations. The company aims to ensure that their technology solutions are not only tools that support business operations, but also an element that contributes to the growth of their competitiveness and business innovation.


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