Caroli is reinforcing its market leadership position in the cabanos sausages segment through a  360⁰ communication campaign


Caroli is reinforcing its market leadership position in the cabanos sausages segment through a  360⁰ communication campaign


The campaign „The omelette thrives for Caroli sausages” highlights the 30-year tradition of cabanos sausages. The Caroli brand is the market leader in this category.

Caroli Foods Group, a major player in the packaged meat products market in Romania, announces the launch of a new brand campaign for Caroli cabanos sausages. „The omelette thrives for Caroli sausages” is the slogan that will govern the new communication campaign exclusively dedicated to this product, for which the company holds the leading market position in volume.

„It all started from the idea that a simple dish becomes even more flavorful when quality ingredients are added. Caroli cabanos sausages are a traditional product, with a taste that has been renowned for 30 years, in fact, being the differentiator that transforms, for example, the classic omelette into a five-star dish in everyone’s kitchen. Thus, the campaign ‘The omelette thrives for Caroli sausages’ was born,” says Ana Maria Costea, Marketing Director at Caroli Foods Group.

In addition to introducing this new 450g size, the product also comes with a modern packaging design, enriched with a unique color scheme. The new packaging of Caroli cabanos sausages has been specially designed to optimize and streamline the product selection process in stores. This strategic approach not only enhances the shelf experience but also strengthens the visual identity of the brand.

„The new campaign continues to position the brand around the craving for a delicious product and brings an innovative communication approach to the category, with an omelette ‘singing’ to Caroli cabanos sausages. The message and visual elements of the campaign, as well as the appetizing combination of sausages and omelette, one of the beloved dishes of Romanians, will highlight the range of Caroli sausages in stores and will arouse the interest and appetite of consumers,” adds Maria-Mirabela Chiriță, Brand Manager at Caroli Foods Group.

The new communication campaign is designed to underline and amplify all the key attributes of the product through a comprehensive 360⁰ integrated promotion strategy, unfolding from May to June.

The initiative follows the creative direction of previous campaigns ‘Bread craves Caroli salami’ and ‘Caroli frankfurters. Loved by mustard, desired by ketchup’.

The campaign includes a TV commercial, which will be aired throughout these two months, thus strengthening Caroli’s brand image in the market.

Simultaneously, a strong presence in the digital environment will be ensured through active campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn, as well as through Google Ads strategies. Below-the-line (BTL) initiatives at key points of sale and promotional online banners will complement visibility among consumers, ensuring a long-term impact of the campaign.

About Caroli Foods Group

Caroli Foods Group is one of the major producers of packaged meat products in Romania. The company was established in 1994 and currently offers an extensive portfolio of over 200 products through five brands: Caroli, Sissi, Campofrio, Maestro and Primo. The company has a factory in Pitesti and has important logistics facilities throughout the country as well as an extensive distribution network. Since 2017, Caroli Foods Group is part of Sigma, a multinational food group with operations in Europe, North America and South America. Sigma produces and markets several product categories such as packaged and fresh meat, dairy, plant-based products, as well as frozen and ready-to-eat foods.



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