The largest network of medical recovery clinics, Centrokinetic, is expanding into the western region of the country


The largest network of medical recovery clinics, Centrokinetic, is expanding into the western region of the country

Centrokinetic, in partnership with AGISTA, acquires a majority stake in the Socrates clinic in Timișoara

  • AGISTA guides Centrokinetic in an M&A transaction in the western region of the country, in Timișoara.
  • Centrokinetic will own approximately 70% of medical recovery clinic Socrates.
  • With this aquisition, Centrokinetic’s network of medical recovery clinics expands from 3 to 8 clinics in just seven months since its partnership with AGISTA, which owns a stake of over 30% in the network’s shares.

Growth investment fund AGISTA has supported Romania’s largest medical recovery chain, Centrokinetic, in acquiring its eighth clinic – Socrates Clinic in Timișoara. This transaction is strategic, opening up multiple opportunities for Centrokinetic’s chain expansion in the western part of the country.

In the fall of 2023, AGISTA completed its entry into Centrokinetic’s shareholding, acquiring a stake of over 35% in the medical chain, with a clear objective of supporting the network’s clinic development and aiding its expansion by at least 10 clinics over the next four years. In just seven months, the network has already expanded by 5 clinics nationwide, currently owning 4 clinics in Bucharest, 2 in Brasov, 1 clinic in Cluj-Napoca, and 1 in Timișoara.

„I believe in quality medical services, and I believe that when talented individuals with a passion for a certain field come together, they can achieve extraordinary things. So, this time, I can truly say that I am very pleased that the founder of Socrates Clinic, Mr. Armand Gogolescu, who built this clinic from scratch and turned it into the best medical recovery center in Timișoara, remains our partner. We want to continue in Timișoara with the same dedication we have already shown in other Centrokinetic clinics, with quality services and equipment, so that our patients can recognize the Centrokinetic standard of quality in any clinic they receive treatment”, said Bogdan Andrei, founder and Medical Director of Centrokinetic.

Bogdan Andrei, founder and Medical Director of Centrokinetic

This acquisition is part of the strategy jointly assumed with Centrokinetic’s management – namely, the development on a national level, while maintaining or even improving the quality of medical services offered. We are pleased to have contributed to the completion of this acquisition for several reasons: on the one hand, because we are talking about one of the best medical recovery clinics in Timișoara, and on the other hand, because this acquisition opens up other opportunities for expansion in the western region of the country”, said Dragoș Dărăbuț, Senior Investment Manager at AGISTA.

Dragoș Dărăbuț, Senior Investment Manager at AGISTA.

This transaction stipulates that Centrokinetic will reach a nearly 70% ownership stake in the clinic, while one of its founders, Dr. Armand Gogulescu, will retain slightly over 30%. Plans for the clinic’s near future in Timișoara include enhancing the business by acquiring new equipment (especially MRI machines) and hiring a larger number of physicians, with Centrokinetic also planning to invest capital in the Socrates clinic.

In this transaction, AGISTA contributed to negotiation, legal and financial due diligence, execution and coordination, as well as the actual closing of the transaction. Alongside AGISTA, Mazars Group worked on financial services, while Filip & Company provided legal services.

„I founded Socrates Clinic with the desire to offer quality medical services to the people of Timișoara. The partnership with Centrokinetic came from the realization that we share common values and principles, which we hope will take us to the next level of growth,”, said Armand Gogulescu, founder of Socrates Clinic.

Armand Gogulescu, founder of Socrates Clinic.

AGISTA, the growth investment fund currently under authorization by the Financial Supervisory Authority, a brand launched by Impetum Group, supports Romanian SMEs whose products and services are essential or becoming essential for society, providing them with both capital and know-how. Operating as a minority shareholder, AGISTA invests tickets ranging from 2 to 5 million EUR and acts as an anchor investor, playing a strategic role with a representative on the board of portfolio companies, contributing to their rapid and healthy development. Through a partnership with AGISTA, companies gain access to tailored solutions, guidance and networking.

AGISTA invests across various sectors, but primarily focuses on industries such as IT&C, healthcare, recycling, and agritech. Since its inception, AGISTA has invested in companies including Eplus Smart Energy, Dendrio Solutions, FORT, Top Tech, Bittnet Group, and Centrokinetic.

Centrokinetic is a network of integrative orthopedics and medical recovery clinics dedicated to osteo-articular conditions, with full diagnostic and treatment capabilities, from medical consultation, open MRI specialized on the locomotor apparatus, ultra-modern physiotherapy rooms and the latest generation equipment for physiotherapy procedures. The team of Centrokinetic physiotherapists brings together more than 110 professionals trained to lead the recovery programs developed by the clinic’s doctors in a personalized way, for each patient of the clinic. Further details about the clinic can be accessed at


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