More than 1 million ING Bank customers have benefited from financial protection through NN insurance in the past 10 years and have received total compensation exceeding 25 million euro for covered situations


More than 1 million ING Bank customers have benefited from financial protection through NN insurance in the past 10 years and have received total compensation exceeding 25 million euro for covered situations


NN Romania and ING Bank Romania have supported over 1 million customers to benefit from financial protection through solutions developed as part of the strategic partnership started 10 years ago, including life, health, job loss and loan insurance. In the situations covered, customers who needed their insurance or their families have received a total of 25 million euro in benefits to date.

“Starting this year, the insurance portfolio developed together with ING Bank is expanding with a new product, the NN voluntary home insurance, which offers customers financial protection in situations that may affect their home, and we will continue to invest in the coming years in developing new solutions and experiences for the bank’s customers. The shared history and strong partnership we have with ING Bank helps us understand the needs of banking customers and provide them with relevant protection solutions for everything that matters most to them, contributing to their financial health and reducing vulnerability in unforeseen situations,” says Catalin Elisei, general manager of the NN Asigurari general insurance company, part of NN Romania.

Catalin Elisei, general manager of the NN Asigurari general insurance company, part of NN Romania.

Customers who have a bank account or access an ING Bank loan and want financial protection at any time during their collaboration with the bank can purchase NN Romania’s insurance solutions online, directly from ING Home’Bank, or in physical locations in the ING Office network. Currently, NN Romania and ING Bank offer, in partnership, the ING Vita Protect life insurance, the ING Health Protect health insurance, the ING Salary Protect job loss insurance, as well as insurance that can be attached to personal loans or mortgage loans.

“The principle we start from in our retail banking strategy is that of relevance to the everyday lives of our customers. Whether we’re talking about product types or intuitive services available anywhere, anytime, we develop and test our entire offering through this filter. We’ve applied the same principle to the products we’ve developed with NN, and in all 10 years we’ve worked so well because we’ve delivered insurance that is relevant to our customers, as well as a great experience. As an example, during the pandemic, we launched the salary insurance, and now we are integrating the voluntary home insurance product into the offer”, says Anda Pastean, Insurance Product Area Lead at ING Bank Romania.

NN insurance available to ING Bank customers is affordable and can be purchased in a digital experience, from the NN Insurance section of the ING Home’Bank internet and mobile banking app. ING Vita Protect insurance costs 18, 36 or 89 lei per month and offers protection in the event of death due to illness or accident, covering up to 1 million lei. ING Health Protect costs 12, 35 or 50 lei per month and covers the event of surgery for up to 15,000 lei. ING Salary Protect packages cost 15, 30 or 45 lei per month and provide up to 1,500 lei per month in the event of unemployment or extended sick leave and up to 480,000 lei in the event of disability as a result of an accident. And ING Credit Protect covers the value of the loan in the event of death or a sum of money for up to 6 months in the event of unemployment or disability, while the life insurance attached to mortgage loans covers the value of the loan in the event of death.

In 2014, ING Bank’s life insurance, pension and investment divisions were separated from the banking group, at international level, and became NN Group through an IPO on Euronext Amsterdam. Thus, in Romania, ING Asigurari de Viata and ING Pensii SAFPAP became NN Life Asigurari de Viata and NN Pensii SAFPAP, continuing to operate completely independently from ING Bank.

About NN Romania

NN is the first international life insurance company to enter the Romanian market in 1997, currently offering an extensive portfolio of life, health and general insurance, home insurance and motor accident insurance, and the company has also been active for 17 years in the mandatory and voluntary private pension segment. NN currently employs 500 people and 1,600 financial consultants and managers in its sales force and supports more than 2.3 million insurance and pension customers, a quarter of Romania’s working population, to protect everything that matters most to them.

NN Romania is part of the NN Group, a financial services company with a history of more than 175 years of international operations and a strong presence in 11 countries, with a total of more than 16,000 employees and over 19 million clients. NN Group has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 2014 and aims to be an industry leader recognised for its customer experiences, talents and contributions to society.

About ING Bank Romania

ING Bank Romania is part of ING Group, a global international financial institution that provides banking services to more than 38 million individual, corporate and institutional customers in over 40 countries. Established in 1994, ING Bank Romania is now a universal bank, offering products and services to all categories of customers – large and small companies, financial institutions, small entrepreneurs and individuals.

ING Bank Romania is the only bank with organic growth in the top 10 local banks by assets, without acquisitions of customer portfolios or other banks. ING Bank Romania is a universal bank with more than 1.8 million customers in three business segments: individuals (retail), SME & Mid-Corporate companies and Wholesale Banking. ING’s mission is to support people to be one step ahead, in life and in business.


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