PPC blue, the new mobile app for electric car drivers


PPC blue, the new mobile app for electric car drivers


PPC Blue, the company within PPC group of companies in Romania which operates in the electric mobility segment, launches the mobile application with the same name, as part of the staged rebranding process. Recently, the new name of the brand – PPC blue, its visual identity, as well as the dedicated website were announced www.ppcblue.ro.

Electric vehicle drivers previously using the Enel X Way app have received notifications inviting them to install the new PPC blue app from AppStore or Google Play. After this step, the customer account from the Enel X Way application will be automatically migrated to the new application. All previously obtained benefits are retained, but users must follow the password reset process, accept the terms and conditions of use, and add a bank card.

From the PPC blue mobile application, the availability of charging stations can be viewed and the subscriptions preferred by each user can be selected. Through the application, users can now plan their trips and use both PPC blue charging stations in Romania and Greece.

The conditions of use of the services, as well as the tariffs, are not changed as a result of the change in visual identity, but the names of the subscriptions are changed as follows: Basic X becomes PPC blueLite (60 kW included), Premium X becomes PPC bluePlus (120 kW included). In addition, the product portfolio is expanding with a new product PPC blueMax (200 kW included). Customers can charge their electric vehicles at the same points in the network they are familiar with, and in the coming period each charging point in the company’s portfolio will be rebranded with the new PPC blue logo and will be adapted to the new visual identity.

Customers with an active physical or virtual RFID card will receive a new physical PPC blue card. For its replacement, customers will be contacted by call-center agents to collect preferences for the delivery address of the new card.

Questions regarding PPC blue subscriptions can be addressed to the number 0800.801.158 or in writing to helpdesk.blue.ro@ppcgroup.com.

Under the PPC blue brand  operate around 500 charging points in 63 localities, with a total installed power of over 10,000 kW, offering integrated electric mobility solutions to residential customers, companies and public institutions throughout the country.

PPC blue installs charging infrastructure in Romania in shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels that want to attract electric car users, as well as in public spaces made available by municipalities interested in improving air quality by encouraging electric mobility.

PPC Blue Romania is part of PPC Group, with a tradition of over 70 years in Greece, energy leader in South-Eastern Europe, which has made a commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection by promoting clean energy sources. Electric mobility plays a central role in this vision for the future. DEI Blue, the company dedicated to electric mobility launched by PPC in 2021 in Greece, has already made a name for itself through e-mobility services provided to individuals, companies and public administration throughout Greece. The objective of becoming the most important player in the new electric mobility market in the region, by making significant investments for the development, management and operation of the most extensive electric car charging network and by providing innovative services, describes PPC’s ambitious plan. In Romania, PPC blue operates about 500 charging points in 63 localities, with a total installed power of over 10,000 kW.


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