IMOTECA expands its portfolio in Romania and extends its operations into Spain


IMOTECA expands its portfolio in Romania and extends its operations into Spain


Imoteca – The residential experts – announces a significant expansion of its portfolio in Romania and the launch of consultancy and sales operations for the real estate market in Spain.

In 2024, Imoteca strengthens its position in the real estate market in Romania with an additional 9 projects, adding to a portfolio of nearly 30 projects over two decades of activity in the Romanian market.

“The year 2024 brings a wave of positive changes for Imoteca. We are in a new phase of sales and portfolio growth, both in the volume projects area and with boutique projects. We carefully select the partners we work with and always emphasize superior quality, sustainability, as well as the positioning and facilities of the properties we represent. Developments in the central areas of Bucharest are highly sought after by clients, and transportation, educational infrastructure, and easy access to all points of interest are defining elements in the choices we make.

„Among the new flagship names in our portfolio are Gulia Eco-Village, Alexandriei 152 Residence, and Sera Verde Residence, which combine modern design with sustainability solutions. These new projects reflect our commitment to promoting and supporting initiatives that prioritize both urban comfort and proximity to nature” declared Rafaela Nebreda, founder of Imoteca.

Each of the new projects stands out for its emphasis on energy efficiency, a criterion that responds to increasingly demanding requirements from customers. Imoteca commits to providing the most innovative and efficient real estate solutions, contributing through the ecological homes in its portfolio to a greener future.

Expanding into the Spanish market

Following the increased interest of Romanian investors in the Spanish market, Imoteca also announces the expansion of its activity into key regions of Spain, such as Valencia, Alicante, and Malaga.

This strategic decision allows the company to diversify its offerings and respond promptly to new trends in the European real estate market.

“The expansion of our real estate portfolio in Spain represents not only a natural evolution but also an opportunity to provide our investors with access to a dynamic environment with immense potential. Personally, it is a great joy and fulfillment for me to offer clients access to investments in properties from my home country. Spain has a real estate market in continuous development, and for Imoteca, we see this expansion as a gateway to new business opportunities, through which the quality and sustainability of our projects will bring added value to all involved, whether they are investors or clients looking for a vacation home in Spain,” stated Rafaela Nebreda.

With over two decades of experience in the Romanian real estate market, Imoteca – The residential experts – has sold over 6,000 units and managed significant transactions, including the sale of nine apartments worth over one million euros in the last three years.

Imoteca – The residential experts

Is a residential consulting and representation company, established in 2002, which has become a benchmark in Romania over the two decades of its existence. With a generous portfolio of projects and a continuously growing activity, Imoteca is now a standard of consistency, reliability, and quality in the Romanian real estate market for all the services provided.

The company is present in Bucharest and Ilfov and has had activity in the past in Cluj-Napoca, Constanța, and Brașov. Imoteca’s portfolio includes Gulia Eco-Village, Eminescu 65 Residence, New Point Residence, Estoria City, Marca Herăstrău, Alexandriei 152, and Sera Verde Residence.

In 2023, the portfolio consisted of approximately 900 units, and in 2024, the company estimates a 30% growth.


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