The artist Călin Ţopa, invited to be part of the ECC biennial contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures, in Venice. His „Transcendent Renaissance”, a timeless musical journey, to be seen starting this weekend


The artist Călin Ţopa, invited to be part of the ECC biennial contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures, in Venice. His „Transcendent Renaissance”, a timeless musical journey, to be seen starting this weekend


The Romanian composer and sound designer Călin Țopa presents his sound installation, ”Transcendent Renaissance”, on the 7th edition of the ECC biennial contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures – Beyond Boundaries, in Venice, starting 20th of April! The invitation came from European Cultural Centre Italy (ECC-Italy) in this show which will run until 24th of November 2024, in parallel with the next 60th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia. Located at the First floor – Palazzo Mora, the exhibition will be free entry for all visitors.

After the invitations to present ”Transcendent Renaissance” in prestigious venues like The Quadrennial Prague or the Royal Central Drama School in London, now the sound installation will be presented in Venice, city’s history of artistic innovation, from Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary avant-garde experiments.

“For me, the opportunity to participate in the 7th edition of Personal Structures – Beyond Boundaries represents a profound convergence of artistic vision and global dialogue. It’s not merely about showcasing my work; it is about engaging in a global conversation about the role of art in shaping our understanding of the world. It is an opportunity to connect with fellow artists, curators, and art enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared passion for creative exploration.”, said Călin Țopa.

Exploring Sound and Immersion: Transcendent Renaissance

In the world of sound art and immersive experiences, Călin Țopa stands out as an innovative figure, combining the timeless beauty of choral music with modern creativity. His latest creation, „Transcendent Renaissance”, is not merely an audio installation—it’s a transformative journey through centuries of musical expression.

”At its core, this installation invites listeners to immerse themselves in a 12-minute choral experience that intertwines sixteenth-century compositions with contemporary pieces composed by me. In the heart of it are six speakers strategically positioned to mirror the unique voices of a Cathedral Choir. Each speaker embodies an individual singing voice—be it bass, tenor, alto, or soprano—offering an intimate encounter with the intricate layers of choral harmony.

What inspired me to create this audio installation was a deep fascination with the transformative power of sound and the exploration of how music can transcend time and space. I was captivated by the idea of blending historical choral works from the sixteenth century with contemporary compositions, creating a seamless bridge between past and present within a single sonic experience.”, mentioned Călin Țopa.

Beyond the auditory spectacle lies a deeper narrative of immersion and self-reflection. In today’s tech-savvy world, where screens dominate our senses, Călin’s installation encourages a different form of engagement. By allowing listeners to approach individual speakers and explore the sonic landscape intimately, „Transcendent Renaissance” offers a profound moment of connection.

Harmonizing Voices: A Collaborative Masterpiece

„Transcendent Renaissance” showcases a remarkable collaboration under Conductor and Composer Radu Mihalache. Sopranos Alexandra Moroiu, Monica Lotreanu and Catalina Postolache blend ethereal tones, while altos Gabriela Iesean, Monica Paun and Sarah Rizescu add warmth and depth. Tenors Alexandru Cartis, Lucian Haralambie and Calin Topa infuse vibrant timbres, complemented by resonant basses Radu Mihalache and Ciprian Ravnic. Ada Galeș narrates with storytelling prowess, while children’s voices by Aldous Baranowski add innocence and magic.

”Working with these exceptional artists was a thrilling journey and a lesson in the importance of collaboration and sharing creativity. This experience will undoubtedly remain one of the most significant and inspiring in my artistic career.”, continues Călin Țopa.

„Transcendent Renaissance” will be soon on Spotify, for those who want to dive into Călin’s world of sounds.

Not only as a narrator for the sound installation, the actress Ada Galeș will be also present in Venice with her work titled „Sometimes I Want to Make Art/Sometimes I Want a Pad Thai”, in which she’s exploring the intersection of art and women’s experiences. This piece reflects on women’s heritage in art, both historically and in contemporary scenes, with text displayed on the walls.

About Călin Țopa

Călin Țopa is an interdisciplinary artist who works in the realm of experimental music. He specialises in creating music that falls within the ambient, neoclassical, and other gossamer styles. He has composed music for various mediums such as theatre, film, and multimedia installations. Călin Țopa’s works have been exhibited in various locations including Royal Central in London, Quadrennial Prague, National Museum of Contemporary Art and National Theatre in Bucharest, Nicodim Gallery, Art Safari etc. With a keen focus on pushing boundaries, Călin’s creations extend beyond traditional music venues, finding resonance in theatre productions, films and multimedia installations worldwide. His works captivate audiences, offering them a glimpse into the profound intersection of sound, technology and human experience. /

About the ECC Italy

Based in Venice, ECC Italy is the main branch of its larger parent organisation, the European Cultural Centre. Focusing on diverse topics within art, architecture and design, ECC italy aims to create dynamic exhibition spaces that show the interchanging of ideas from different cultures. The contemporary art exhibition Personal Structures alternates each year with the architecture biennial exhibition Time Space Existence.




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