SYMMETRICA invests €48 million in the largest factory in the portfolio, but also in S-E Europe


SYMMETRICA invests €48 million in the largest factory in the portfolio, but also in S-E Europe


  • The new production unit will be located near Bucharest and will be inaugurated this autumn
  • €35 million will be secured through credits granted by BCR
  • The factory will have an area of 18,000 square meters and will have 4 highly technological production lines
  • Investments of over €110 million in the 30 years since its establishment

Symmetrica, the leader of the local market of vibro-pressed products and the largest domestic producer, announces a new investment in the largest factory of concrete pavements in South-Eastern Europe, worth 48 million euros.

„Located in Bolintin Vale – Ilfov, our new prefabricated factory will be a symbol of excellence and technological progress. With an impressive surface and extensive production capabilities, this unit represents an essential pillar in supporting regional growth and development and incorporates new technologies for the Romanian market”, said Sebastian Bobu, Executive Director of the company.

According to its statement, the new production facility is located on a plot of over 120,000 square meters and will have a built-up area of 18,000 square meters. It will also have two photovoltaic parks located on a 20,000 square meter plot of land. These will ensure approx. 60% of the total energy required for the operation of the unit. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By adopting solar energy, Symmetrica aims to reduce its carbon footprint and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

„The factory in Bolintin Vale will be inaugurated this autumn. Being located near the unit we already own, since 2011, in the vicinity of the Capital, we decided to migrate the activity from it to the new location, thus optimizing the entire production”, said Sebastian Bobu.

The necessary investment, in the amount of 48 million euros, was secured both from own funds and through bank loans. In this regard, Symmetrica contracted a loan worth approx. 35 million euros from Banca Comercială Română (BCR), a member of Erste Group, one of the most important financial groups in Romania.

„We are a solid partner for Symmetrica, one of the successful local businesses and the largest Romanian manufacturer of pavers and curbs. We are happy to support the company’s expansion and establishment as a regional leader, through a new production unit that prioritizes sustainable and sustainable development. Our long-term collaboration confirms the expertise that BCR has on industrialization, retechnology and infrastructure modernization projects, but also the fact that together we can develop healthy and strong businesses for a financially intelligent Romania”, said Romeo Antoche, Director BCR Corporate Business Center Executive. 

Having 4 manufacturing lines in the first phase, the factory in Bolintin Vale will also have lines for surface processing and special treatments as well as for splitting concrete blocks. One of the most notable features of this factory is the integration of the most modern production technology of concrete pavers and slabs. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative manufacturing processes, Symmetrica’s factory is ready to offer the highest quality products tailored to today’s market demands and needs.

„The new technologies incorporated in this production unit will give us the opportunity to expand our product portfolio and launch new ranges with unique specifications on the local market, both in terms of design and properties. The 4 lines that will be put into operation in the first phase will be used for the production of pavers, slabs, curbs, gutters”, emphasized the representative of Symmetrica.

Also, the factory that will be inaugurated this fall will contribute to increasing Symmetrica’s total production by 30%, with a capacity of 15,000 square meters per day. Looking back, with this new factory, in the 30 years since its establishment, Symmetrica has made investments that, in total, exceed 110 million euros.

About Symmetrica

Symmetrica is a 100% Romanian company, producing pavements, curbs and vibro-pressed gutters for pedestrians and roadways, in a varied range of shapes and colors.

The first Symmetrica factory was inaugurated in 1999 in Vereşti, Suceava county, followed by production units in Podu Iloaiei, Iaşi county (2010), and Bolintin Vale, near Bucharest (2011), Prejmer – Braşov (2012), Cociu – Bistriţa-Năsăud (2012), Mărășești – Vrancea (2018), Zimandu Nou – Arad (2021), Solca – Suceava (2022), Ovidiu – Constanța (2023).

The main projects for which Symmetrica delivered pavers and curbs include the National Arena, Kaufland, Carrefour, Lidl, Penny Market, Târgu Mureș-Oradea highway, Steaua stadium, residential neighborhoods, etc. Also, the company’s products were used for the rehabilitation of streets, sidewalks and ecological parks in Bucharest, Iasi, Bacău, Brașov, Târgu Mureș, etc.


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