Strategic Merger in Logistics and eFulfillment: Altexpress integrated Logystec, after merger effective March 2024


Strategic Merger in Logistics and eFulfillment: Altexpress integrated Logystec, after merger effective March 2024

  • Alexandra Turcu of Logystec appointed as CCO & Partner at Altexpress.

Altexpress and Logystec, led by industry veterans Maher Tarazi and Alexandra Turcu, finalised their merger mid -March 2024. The move strengthens the company’s market position and is set to introduce a new era of logistics excellence. By integrating Logystec, Altexpress’s goal is to reshape the eFulfillment landscape in Romania and beyond. The strategic merger aims to reach a turnover of 5 million euros by the end of 2026, with a projected turnover exceeding 3 million euros in the first year.

Altexpress, an esteemed courier and eFulfillment service provider, also announces a significant development in its corporate structure. Alexandra Turcu of Logystec, a prominent figure in the logistics industry, has joined Altexpress as a Chief Commercial Officer and Partner. This move coincides with the integration of Logystec, a frontrunner in automated eFulfillment solutions, into the Altexpress family, effective March 2024.

The merger symbolizes the unification of two powerhouses in the logistics and eFulfillment fields and marks the commencement of an innovative journey, fueled by an investment of 100,000 euros earmarked for technology, marketing, and logistics enhancements. With Alexandra Turcu at the helm as the Chief Commercial Officer and partner of Altexpress, and Maher Tarazi continuing as the CEO and founder, the company is poised for transformative growth.

Business impact and future vision

The merger anticipates a significant impact on the logistics and eFulfillment industry, not just within Romania but on a global scale. The combined entity is set to serve over 33,000 consumers and more than 3,000 business clients, with a projected turnover exceeding 3 million euros in the first year, following an investment of 100,000 euros in technology, marketing, and logistics enhancements. The strategic merger aims to reach a turnover of 5 million euros by the end of 2026.

This strategic alignment positions Altexpress and Logystec to enhance their B2B and B2B2C eCommerce logistics services, leveraging complementary expertise, expanded client base, and strategic 2,500 sqm facilities located in Bucharest and Oradea. The merger is committed to driving technological and operational advancements, offering clients competitive pricing and reliable, integrated solutions.

Pioneering Future in eFulfillment Services

Finalized in mid-March 2024, the merger stems from a shared ambition to reshape the logistics landscape by leveraging Altexpress’s robust courier and eFulfillment infrastructure and Logystec’s advanced technological capabilities. This union is poised to deliver unparalleled efficiency, customer service, and innovative logistics solutions on a global scale.

Maher Tarazi, reflecting on the merger, remarked, „With Altexpress’s focus on reducing inefficiencies and enhancing operational excellence, joining forces with Logystec amplifies our capacity to innovate and lead in the logistics sector. Our combined efforts will further streamline shipping processes, ensuring seamless service delivery.

Alexandra Turcu stated, „Uniting with Altexpress marks a milestone in our journey towards logistics excellence. Our synergy will drive innovation, efficiency, and a customer-centric approach that sets new standards in the industry. Together, we embark on a path of transformative growth, underpinned by a shared vision: logistics made simple.

From its inception in July 2015 by Maher Tarazi, Altexpress quickly rose to prominence in Romania and the Eastern European market. Its innovations and cutting-edge approach, committed to customer satisfaction, positioned the company as a key player in its field.

Meanwhile, Logystec, under Alexandra Turcu’s visionary leadership since 2015, has been a trailblazer in the Romanian eFulfillment market, introducing one of the first automated warehouses equipped with a Warehouse Management System (WMS), and receiving multiple awards.

About Altexpress:

Founded in 2015 by Maher Tarazi, Altexpress has swiftly become a leading force in the Romanian and Eastern EU logistics industry, recognized for its customer satisfaction and operational excellence. The company prides itself on providing complete and innovative courier, eFulfillment, and transport services, including 24-48h shipping and cash-on-delivery solutions across major Eastern EU territories.

About Logystec:

Established by Alexandra Turcu in 2015, Logystec is a subsidiary of the Ro Systec Group, specializing in automated eFulfillment solutions for the online retail sector. Its pioneering approach has set industry standards for efficiency and technological integration in logistics.


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