March 20, World Oral Health Day and also International Day of Happiness


March 20, World Oral Health Day and also International Day of Happiness


Survey: How Romanian women view dental care

  • Sustainability of oral care products: a priority for a third of survey respondents
  • The most common dental problems for Romanian women: color, cavities, and sensitivity

 Diviodent, a promoter of oral health and healthy smiles, marked World Oral Health Day and the International Day of Happiness by conducting an online survey from March 8-18, aiming to understand the perceptions of Romanian women about smiles and dental care. Diviodent is the sole importer of both Opalescence professional whitening systems, a global leader in professional teeth whitening, and Promis products, the only range of oral hygiene products with natural ingredients and 100% biodegradable packaging.

World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on March 20th, promoting the importance of oral hygiene worldwide. Initiated by the FDI World Dental Federation in 2013, with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO), this day aims to draw attention to global oral health issues. Also, on March 20th, International Day of Happiness is celebrated, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 with the goal of promoting global happiness and well-being.

According to the survey results, brushing teeth twice a day, using dental floss and mouthwash, as well as regular dentist visits are the main methods indicated by the survey participants for maintaining oral health.

As we get older, we smile less and less. Studies say that children smile 400 times a day, a happy adult 40, at most 50 times a day, while an ordinary adult smiles 20 times. And often, adults, at least with us, lack confidence, feel embarrassed by their smile. They do not smile widely, they hide their smile, often involuntarily, cover their mouth when they laugh, take pictures only with a closed mouth. Of course, when we talk about successful smiles, besides expressiveness, the most common characteristics remain well-cared for, clean, stain-free, immaculate teeth, more than shape, symmetry, whether they are aligned or not. Through everything we do, through all our actions and efforts, we encourage people to smile widely and to infect others with their smiles. And not only on Happiness Day,” says Diana Baltac, co-founder of Diviodent.

Diana Baltac & Mihaela Radu, Diviodent co-founders

Color and aesthetic appearance, cavities, and dental sensitivity – the most frequent problems

Asked „what are the most frequent dental problems you face,” most survey participants indicated color and aesthetic appearance (45%), dental cavities (44%), dental sensitivity (28%), and teeth grinding (16%). Also, for more than half of the survey respondents (55%), dental aesthetics is very important.

The smile, a strategic choice for a happy life. Half of the respondents are not satisfied with the shade of their teeth.

Studies show that a smile is not just an expression of happiness, but is correlated with overall health status. Thus, smiling reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, and contributes to a longer and healthier life.

Therefore, almost unanimously (99%), survey participants believe that the smile influences mood. Also, when asked „what is the first thing you notice when you meet someone,” 81% of respondents said „facial expression, whether they are smiling or not,” while 12% notice clothing and accessories.

If 8% of respondents do not wish to improve their smile, more than half of the survey participants (56%) are not satisfied with the shade of their teeth, while 22% would like to improve the shape or alignment of their teeth, and 40% the general state of oral health.

„In addition to the proven benefits for physical and mental health, the smile is the sign of happiness, actually the catalyst, for a general, lasting well-being. People are attracted to those who smile, interactions are more easily created, and positive relationships are built more quickly and efficiently. A bright smile makes anyone look more attractive, friendlier, younger,” adds Mihaela Radu, Diviodent co-founder.

 Sustainability and environmental impact „very important” for a third of the respondents.

According to the Diviodent-initiated survey, 30% of respondents regularly study the labels of oral care products to check the ingredients. Similar percentages indicated „sometimes” and „not really” as responses, while 9% tend not to study the label of oral care products.

If for 7% of respondents the quality and type of ingredients used in oral care products are „little or not important,” for 46% it is „very important,” and for 47% „moderately important.”

Asked „how important is sustainability and environmental impact to you in choosing oral care products,” 33% answered „very important”.

Indeed, in recent years, we have noticed an increase in interest for dental aesthetics, for tooth whitening solutions, and maintenance of whitening. The best-selling products in our portfolio are those from the Opalescence range, a global leader in tooth whitening. And, as the survey results also show, people are increasingly concerned about oral health, understanding that proper oral hygiene contributes to the prevention of dental problems. There are still few known, or in fact, few alternatives for oral hygiene products with a clean label, with natural ingredients, but with proven effectiveness at the same time. With the Promis range, we aim to fill exactly this gap – products that are truly environmentally friendly, but also with optimal results for oral health,” adds Diana Baltac.

At the end of last year, Diviodent expanded its product portfolio with the PROMIS range, thereby strengthening its position as a reference company locally in providing innovative and sustainable solutions for oral care. With natural, vegan ingredients, with essential oils and environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable packaging, the ecological toothbrushes, mouthwashes, dental gels against tartar and caries formation, or the natural toothpastes from the PROMIS range, alongside the professional whitening systems from Opalescence are available on

*Survey conducted online, between March 8-18, on a representative sample of 270 women of all ages, with the dominant age categories being 35-44 years (53%) and 45-54 (22%).

About Diviodent

Diviodent is a distributor of consumables and teeth whitening systems for dental offices and individuals and is the sole importer of Ultradent Products in Romania.

Diviodent has been active in the Romanian market since 2004 and is led by entrepreneurs Diana Baltac and Mihaela Radu.

Diviodent carries out the distribution of consumables through two main channels. Thus, on the B2B segment, the supply of consumables for dental offices is mainly done through the specialized distributor network, built and consolidated over the 20 years of activity. Following promotional events aimed at the end consumer, the proportion of online sales on the website is significantly increasing.

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