Arval launches Car Sharing app in Romania


Arval launches Car Sharing app in Romania


Arval Group launched on the Romanian marked a mobile car sharing application exclusively dedicated to companies, which focuses on the comfort and mobility of employees. The Arval Car Sharing app, like other apps in the Arval portfolio, helps fleet managers to streamline fleet costs and provide employees cars they can easily share.

Developed in response to the problems encountered during the pandemic, the idea of corporate car sharing is now increasingly used by companies, thanks to the benefits it brings to both employers and employees. According to the Arval Mobility Observatory – Fleet and Mobility Barometer 2023 (an annual survey conducted in Romania and worldwide by BNP Paribas Group, of which Arval Service Lease Romania is part), 64% of companies in Romania have already implemented at least one mobility system for their employees, while 90% of them have planned investments or intend to invest in such sustainable mobility solutions. Following European trends, the most widespread mobility solutions in Romania are public transport and car sharing.

The solutions that Arval Romania offers generally focus on optimizing fleet management through sustainable mobility solutions. With Arval Car Sharing we complete Arval’s mobility product portfolio with added benefits for the end users, the employees of the particular companies. While a fleet manager has real-time access to relevant data that will help shape a dynamic and efficient company fleet architecture, employees enjoy a seamless experience, needing only their mobile phone to book, unlock and start a car. We are also talking about a high-end product that was developed by BNP Paribas and refined over time in European markets, which means that now, at the time of the launch in Romania, Arval Car Sharing is a modern solution that has proven its viability in more than 10 countries. We are glad that we can offer it to companies in Romania and that we completed our offer of sustainable mobility solutions with this app„, said Roxana Lupescu, General Manager Arval Romania.

The advantages of adopting Arval Car Sharing are numerous and fall into two main areas, advantages for employees and advantages for employers.

Thus, companies operating car fleets will benefit from an effective reduction in the total cost of operation or mobility (TCO), optimisation of the use of cars in the fleet, optimisation of parking space occupancy, and last but not least an image benefit through employee retention.

On the other hand, employees benefit from a new mobility solution, either for business or personal purposes, that contributes to increasing social equity among the team, while being an alternative solution to public transport.

Arval Car Sharing is a modern, simple and flexible alternative for accessing the mobility solutions offered by the company. The mobile phone on which the app is installed becomes both a booking platform and a car ‘key’ because the cars in the fleet can be unlocked, started and locked again from the app. This reduces the bureaucracy traditionally associated with the process of using fleet cars and exponentially increases ease of use.

The fleet management platform on which the app was developed allows the distribution cars by category to employees and access to data that allows a high degree of efficiency. The level of car usage increases, and in specific cases the number of cars in the fleet can even be adjusted if it is not calibrated to current needs. At the same time, continuous monitoring of the fleet contributes to the efficiency process by delivering real-time data on how and to what extent it is being used.

Arval Car Sharing is already in use in several European countries, with over 22,000 registered users using the app on a regular basis.

In Romania, Arval Car Sharing is available from 15 March 2024 and can be accessed by both new and existing customers by contacting Arval Romania’s sales teams directly via all contact channels ( , email, phone).

About Arval:

Arval was founded in 1989 as part of the BNP Paribas group in the Retail Banking & Services division, specialises in sustainable mobility solutions, with full service operating leases signed for more than 1.7 million cars globally by the end of December 2023. With more than 8,400 employees in 29 countries, the company provides flexible and sustainable mobility solutions for its customers, from international corporations to small businesses and individual customers.

The company is a founding member of the Element-Arval Global Alliance, a leader in the fleet management sector with more than 4.4 million vehicles in 56 countries worldwide.

Arval is awarded the EcoVadis 2023 Gold Medal for its global sustainability strategy, placing it in the Top 5% of companies evaluated.

In Romania, Arval has been present since 2006 and has consistently built a team of over 100 experts providing sustainable mobility services to our customers. At the beginning of 2024, Arval is one of the leading providers of sustainable mobility solutions on the local market in the Full Service Operational Leasing segment. /


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