Innobyte kept its promises to shareholders: business of 12.57 million Lei last year, growth of 30%


Innobyte kept its promises to shareholders: business of 12.57 million Lei last year, growth of 30%



Innobyte, one of the most important Romanian companies specializing in eCommerce services and solutions, announces a 30% increase in turnover in 2023, reaching 12.57 million lei, with EBITDA at 2.67 million lei, a 40% advance compared to 2022. Despite an apparent stagnation in budgets allocated for eCommerce solution development, the double-digit growth in financial indicators underlines the company’s ability to create value in a competitive environment. 

The main pillars of growth in 2023, on which Innobyte will also rely in 2024, were:

  • Process Optimization: Improving production processes through flexible allocation of human resources in addressed projects. This reflects Innobyte’s continuous efforts to perfect tools that facilitate efficient organization of work.
  • Team: Innobyte has maintained and even expanded a team of experienced professionals. The company continues to embrace a fully remote working mode and supports professional development through access to courses and validation of expertise through relevant certifications.
  • Maximizing business with existing customers: Innobyte’s business model involves building long-term relationships with clients and partners, allowing the company to develop new projects within its existing customer portfolio.
  • New partnerships: Innobyte diversified its portfolio by introducing new verticals such as Horeca and B2B, as well as recreational-educational activities, working on complex projects that will be launched this year.

For us, one of the most enjoyable achievements is that we continue to have a united team, low employee turnover, and a high level of specialization. This makes us believe that our efforts to create a positive, stimulating, flexible work environment focused on the professional development of each team member are yielding favorable results in the medium and long term,” mentioned Cătălin Șomfălean, CEO and co-founder of Innobyte.

Innobyte’s client portfolio expanded by 15% in 2023 and includes names such as Auchan, BAT, Noriel, Flanco, Spring Farma, Metatools, Infinity, Adeona Camps, Total Fishing, and the European Space Agency.

Although the eCommerce industry did not see such spectacular growth in 2023 compared to 2020 or 2021, for us, last year was a good year. We kept our promises to shareholders and managed to strengthen existing partnerships, thus contributing to the step-by-step building of the trajectory we aspire to follow. This approach has allowed us to strengthen our leadership position in a competitive environment and to identify new growth opportunities,” added Cătălin Bordei, Managing Partner at Innobyte.

Currently, the Innobyte team comprises over 40 eCommerce specialists with a high level of expertise. The company is continuously looking for developers experienced in technologies such as Magento 2, Node.js, React.JS, and DevOps.

About Innobyte

Innobyte serves as a strategic partner in the eCommerce field, ensuring high-quality execution and continuous consultancy for medium and large businesses. Innobyte provides an extensive portfolio of services designed to support companies in implementing, launching, and evolving their eCommerce platforms, guaranteeing their success.

The company is a 100% Romanian business and was founded by entrepreneur Cătălin Șomfălean, who leads Innobyte alongside Cătălin Bordei, both in the role of Managing Partners. Innobyte has recently entered the investment portfolio of LIFE IS HARD S.A., the first technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, AeRo market.


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