A team of over 10 lawyers launches a unique concept on the Romanian criminal law sector: Lexure Legal Hub


A team of over 10 lawyers launches a unique concept on the Romanian criminal law sector: Lexure Legal Hub

A venture which stands as an unparalleled introduction to criminal law in Romania, primarily serving corporations as well as individuals, Lexure Legal Hub brings together numerous lawyers specialized in various niches of criminal law, integrating both practical and academic experience. Established by lawyers Adrian Sandru, George Zlati and Dorel Herinean, the hub offers premium legal services across all criminal law niches: from the extensive domain of white-collar crime, encompassing business-related offences, to fraud with EU funds and cybercrime, in the context of the increasing incidence of E-crimes.

Lexure is the first project of its kind in Romania, offering a platform for the identification of cutting-edge solutions to intricate legal dilemmas nationwide.

Some of the best specialists in white-collar crime and cybercrime

Founded by Adrian Sandru, George Zlati and Dorel Herinean, lawyers with experience in white-collar criminal defence, Lexure reunites esteemed legal and academic figures, such as a professor, Ovidiu Predescu, research and development coordinator within the hub, two lecturers, lawyer George Zlati and lawyer Oana Bugnar-Coldea, an assistant professor, lawyer Dorel Herinean, an associate assistant professor, lawyer Adrian Stan, a PhD and two PhD students, lawyers Mihai Suian, Bianca Ureche and Adrian Sandru. Furthermore, lawyers with experience in local or international law firms, such as Daniela Georgescu, Claudiu Bularda, Alexandra Costache-Sandu or Alexis Roman bring their contributions to the activity of the hub. The publications and experiences of its members position Lexure as a legal nexus capable of contributing through extensive expertise, innovative ideas, and unconventional strategies.

Lexure lawyers offer a wide range of specialized services in key areas of criminal law, such as cybercrime (hacking, identity theft, online fraud, cyber espionage or theft of crypto-assets) and offences investigated by the European Public Prosecutors’ Office, alongside economic or corruption offences, corporate offences (corporate fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, fraudulent bankruptcy and other financial crimes), medical malpractice or international judicial cooperation in criminal matters (extraditions and European Arrest Warrants). This specialization diversity ensures a bespoke approach for each potential client, underscoring Lexure’s dedication to innovation, premium legal services, and a client-focused ethos.

Complex Case Management in the criminal and economic domains

The Lexure Legal Hub is the culmination of our efforts to bring together the foremost experts in business criminal law to provide unparalleled legal services in Romania,” says Adrian Sandru, founder of Lexure, a lawyer specialized in frauds with EU funds and judicial cooperation in criminal matters. „This collaborative effort not only augments each member’s specialization but also fosters synergies to the advantage of Lexure’s clientele”.

Adrian Sandru, founder of Lexure
Adrian Sandru, founder of Lexure

Adrian Sandru, the founder of Lexure, is a highly respected lawyer known for his expertise in handling complex criminal cases, particularly in the field of international judicial cooperation, fraud involving European or national funds, European Public Prosecutor’s Office procedures, and the management of difficult criminal economic cases. He has represented Romania as an expert in significant projects for the Council of Europe, Eurojust, and other international organizations. Additionally, he co-authored the inaugural reference paper on the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in Romania, which was published in both Romanian and English. He also specializes in whistleblowing legislation.

George Zlati, founder of Lexure and an expert in cybercrime and blockchain technology, stresses the importance of specialization within the team: „In complex cases the need is not for generalists but for teams of specialized and interdisciplinary lawyers. Proper management of legal challenges arising from cybercrime and emerging technologies requires both in-depth legal and technical knowledge and a particular capacity to adapt to change. Lexure includes lawyers that are specialized and recognized at national or European level, whether we are talking about cybercrime, tax evasion, criminal liability of the legal person, corruption, fraud with European funds, etc.”

George Zlati, founder of Lexure
George Zlati, founder of Lexure

George Zlati is a lawyer with over a decade of experience in criminal law, specialized in cybercrime and blockchain technology. He has been involved, as a lawyer, in some of the most complex cybercrime cases in Romania and has provided legal assistance to important players on the crypto-asset market. He cumulates his experience as a lawyer with a relevant academic experience as an associate professor at the Faculty of Law (UBB) and university lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences (UAB). In 2020, he published the first Cybercrime Treaty in Romania.

Dorel Herinean, founder of Lexure, a lawyer specialized in economic crimes and corporate criminal liability, adds: „Teamwork is at the heart of the Lexure philosophy. We believe that beyond the rigor of each member’s legal education, success in complex cases is attributed to the collective effort, knowledge sharing and strategic collaboration to attain the highest performance standards for our clients.”

Dorel Herinean, founder of Lexure

Dorel Herinean, founder of Lexure, is specialized in corporate crimes and operates exclusively in the field of criminal law. He has managed and been involved in highly complex files covering a wide range of economic and other forms of non-violent crimes, including cross-border or human rights issues. He is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, where he also completed his doctoral studies in relation to crimes committed by corporations, developing the theory of the corporate plurality of perpetrators.

For more information, visit: https://www.lexurehub.com.


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