SeedBlink and Capital Cell partner to boost European tech startups’ financing in Biotech and Healthtech


SeedBlink and Capital Cell partner to boost European tech startups’ financing in Biotech and Healthtech

Capital Cell has initiated a 500,000 SeedBlink funding round to expand into the Benelux region, France, and Italy


  • Cross-launching investment opportunities to streamline funding and expansion in key European Markets
  • Capital Cell is currently fundraising on SeedBlink for expansion in Benelux, France and Italy, leveraging SeedBlink’s European investor network

SeedBlink, the investment & equity management platform dedicated to European tech startups, announces a strategic partnership with Capital Cell, Spain’s leading investment platform specializing in Biotech and Healthtech. The partnership is to launch joint investment opportunities to streamline the financing of these verticals, aiming to bridge the gap between innovative technology start-ups and investors across Europe.

Capital Cell is an investment company specializing in biotech and healthcare that was created in 2015 and structures funding rounds of up to €5 million. Capital Cell has over 14,000 investors in the community and has helped more than 100 biotech startups find capital.

Furthermore, Capital Cell has initiated its €500,000 financing round on SeedBlink, aiming to expand its footprint in the Benelux region, France, and Italy. This move aligns with Capital Cell’s vision of creating an expansive European network of investors, fostering cross-border investments and collaborative growth.

“Since the creation of SeedBlink, we have recognized the need for unity in Europe’s journey towards innovation and have therefore continuously encouraged collaboration. In this regard, we partner with Capital Cell, institutional investors such as VCs, business angels, but also individual investors to increase equity ownership and accelerate technology competitiveness in Europe. By accessing a strong and interconnected European investment community, this partnership can accelerate the growth of the most innovative start-ups, thereby stimulating innovation across Europe”, stated Andrei Dudoiu, Managing Partner at SeedBlink.

Notably, Nimity, SeedBlink’s equity management solution, is on the roadmap for this collaboration. This implementation would enable Capital Cell’s portfolio companies to have better cap table management, implement employee stock options, maintain a better relationship with their stakeholders and secure investments more effectively in the long term.

Since its launch in 2020, SeedBlink has co-invested in over 260 technology start-ups through a network of over 99,000 investors (business angels, VCs and strategic partners) in nearly 100 countries. As a result, the company has facilitated more than €340 million in investments for technology start-ups, of which €66 million through its own community.

„Joining forces with SeedBlink represents a significant milestone for us. Their expertise in tech startups complements our focus on Biotech and Healthtech, creating a powerful synergy. This collaboration will not only benefit our portfolio companies but also offer our investors a broader spectrum of vetted, high-potential investment opportunities”, said Daniel Oliver, Founder and CEO of Capital Cell.

All projects proposed by Capital Cell have been analyzed by the BioExpert Network, a private network of experts and opinion leaders in medicine, science, investment and business development.

About SeedBlink

SeedBlink’s mission is to empower equity ownership in Europe. Through its range of products, financial services, and extensive network, it offers an equity management and tech-focused venture investment platform that enables European startups and their stakeholders to access, manage, and trade equity.

SeedBlink SA is registered in the Register of the Romanian Financial Supervisory Authority (ASF), under number PJR28FSFPR/400001 as of November 3, 2022, with an EU passport as per the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) register of crowdfunding service providers. Contact us at email:

About Capital Cell

Capital Cell, created in 2015, is an investment company specialized in biotech and health, one of the most profitable sectors in the world. The financial company, regulated by the CNMV, connects investors with companies in the biotechnology sector in the initial phase that seek capital by designing the best formula for both parties.

Capital Cell structures financing rounds of up to 5 million that include, among other participation formulas, a lead investor, its own investment and part of the capital from its own crowdfunding platform. Capital Cell has already helped more than 100 startups in the biotech sector find capital.

All projects proposed by Capital Cell have been analyzed by the BioExpert Network, a private network of experts and opinion leaders in medicine, science, investment and business development. The Capital Cell investment community has exceeded 14,000 investors.

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