Simtel and Dedeman inaugurate the first green kindergarten in Petrosani


Simtel and Dedeman inaugurate the first green kindergarten in Petrosani

Simtel (BVB: SMTL), a Romanian engineering and technology company listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and a national leader in renewable energy, announces the completion of the construction of a photovoltaic power plant for Kindergarten No. 2 from the city of Petrosani. The project is the result of the cooperation between Simtel and Dedeman and is part of the two companies’ strategy to identify locations in areas where support from local businesses is needed to support the efficiency of energy costs.

Through this project carried out at the kindergarten in Petrosani together with our partners from Dedeman, we assume an active role in creating a sustainable future and a cleaner environment for future generations. Our involvement in projects that promote green energy consumption is one of the pillars of Simtel’s social responsibility strategy. Therefore, the project in Petrosani is the first in a series of projects planned for the coming years together with Dedeman. Thus, we focus on locations with high energy cost efficiency needs, such as kindergartens, schools, dispensaries, and households with limited access to electricity. Every photovoltaic panel installed and every kilowatt of renewable energy produced is a decisive step towards an efficient energy future. Green technology is not only a requirement for sustainability but also an essential engine for economic growth and improving the quality of life„, stated Ana Nedea, Strategy Director at Simtel.

The photovoltaic plant installed at Kindergarten No. 2 in Petrosani covers an area of 94 square meters and includes 48 solar panels. With a capacity of approximately 20 Kwp, the plant will produce about 16,077 kWh per year, covering approximately 85% of the kindergarten’s energy needs. Thus, the kindergarten will benefit from a significant reduction in energy costs and reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 12 tons per year.

The project for the kindergarten in Petrosani was carried out in partnership with Dedeman, which contributed to the identification of the location and the discussions with the local authorities. On the other hand, Simtel was responsible for the design, installation, and commissioning of the photovoltaic power plant, as well as the redesign and replacement of the kindergarten’s general switchboard, which had significant signs of wear and tear, presenting an increased risk of fire. Moreover, Simtel will continue to ensure the monitoring and maintenance of the power plant. The project was implemented with the funds of the two companies.

The partnership with Simtel expresses our shared commitment to support energy efficiency in Romania’s less economically developed regions while also considering creating a clean environment and a sustainable future for current and future generations. The project from Kindergarten No. 2 from Petrosani represents the first step in a series of initiatives planned in collaboration with Simtel, through which we aim to generate real and sustainable benefits for communities and facilitate access to green energy in the areas that need it the most,” emphasized Dragoș Pavăl, Chairman of Dedeman.

Simtel is listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange as of July 2021 and currently has a market capitalization of approximately 335 million lei. During 2022, according to a study dedicated to the analysis of the photovoltaic panels and solar electricity markets in Romania published by the company Neomar Consulting, Simtel was a prominent leader in the market, the company being responsible for installing 25% of the installed power for prosumers legal entities at the national level.

About Simtel

imtel Team is a Romanian company founded in 2010 by three Romanian entrepreneurs – Iulian Nedea, Sergiu Bazarciuc, and Radu Vilau. The company is listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SMTL. It operates in 3 fields of activity – as a solution integrator in telecommunications, renewable energy, and industrial automation. The company has successfully delivered projects in each of these areas to clients both in Romania and abroad. As of October 2021, the company is included in the BVB’s BET-AeRO index.    

About Dedeman

Dedeman is the successful business of two Romanian entrepreneurs. As of 1992, during more than 31 years of activity, the two entrepreneurs have developed a company that has registered constant success due to a business strategy designed around the client, its requirements, and satisfaction being a priority.


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