New Year’s Eve Party Sold Out in City Grill Group Restaurants


New Year’s Eve Party Sold Out in City Grill Group Restaurants

Over 1700 Guests Expected on New Year’s Eve


City Grill Group, one of the strongest players in the local HoReCa industry, is hosting themed New Year’s Eve parties at 5 locations – Caru’ Cu Bere, Hanu’ lui Manuc, Pescăruș, Hanu’ Berarilor Oprea Soare, Buongiorno.Italian – with all 1730 seats fully booked since the end of November. City Grill Covaci restaurant remains open on New Year’s Eve with an à la carte menu, and the occupancy rate is over 90%.

Committing to transforming New Year’s Eve into a culinary experience and a memorable celebration, City Grill Group’s restaurants are preparing special menus with care and passion for gastronomy, solidifying their position as a top destination for New Year’s Eve.

For the New Year’s Eve party, City Grill Group put over 1700 tickets on sale in early October, all of which were sold out before December 1.

One-third of the New Year’s Eve attendees are loyal customers who return each year.

On New Year’s Eve, 1730 guests will party at Caru’ Cu Bere (440 seats), Hanu’ lui Manuc (430 seats), Pescăruș (340 seats), Hanu’Berarilor Oprea Soare (360 seats), and Buongiorno.Italian (160 seats).

The expected New Year’s Eve guests are family-oriented individuals with above-average incomes. The average group size is between 6 and 8 people, and one-third of the participants return each year.

For those who prefer a more relaxed night, City Grill Covaci will be open on New Year’s Eve with an à la carte menu. The restaurant will operate until 4:00 AM, and according to City Grill Group representatives, the occupancy rate is generally 90%.

We are delighted to host such an expected event and to see so many people eager to spend their New Year’s Eve in our restaurants. It is a confirmation of our constant efforts to provide an authentic and exceptional gastronomic experience. Currently, all seats in all the restaurants where we organize New Year’s Eve parties are sold out before December. Traditionally, most reservations for New Year’s Eve are made as soon as we launch the event, and in the first 30 days, we have half of the seats reserved,” says Daniel Mischie, CEO of City Grill Group.

Daniel Mischie, CEO of City Grill Group.

How much do the New Year’s Eve menus cost and what do they include?

Among the specially prepared delights for New Year’s Eve are Foie Gras on a sponge cake with mango jam, French-style beef medallion, Duck breast with apple flavoring, Mangalitsa pork roll with pumpkin seeds, Slow-cooked Black Angus beef tenderloin, and many other specialties. Prices vary depending on the restaurant and range from 730 lei to 980 lei.

We emphasize the exceptional customer experience, atmosphere, menu, and quality of services. For New Year’s Eve, we maintain the values of traditional gastronomy but bring a contemporary, innovative touch. The chefs of the five restaurants carefully and extensively prepare for this event – the menu includes products for all tastes and types of customers, all ingredients are of superior quality, and the recipes are diverse and full of surprises,” adds Daniel Mischie.

Investments of 15 million in the restoration and modernization of group restaurants

City Grill Group has invested over 13 million euros in the restoration and modernization of Hanu’ Berarilor Oprea Soare restaurant. The restaurant’s design project, created by architect Mihai Popescu, is an example of adaptation to the historical architecture of the Class A historical monument building. Thus, the gastronomic beer house Hanu’ Berarilor Oprea Soare preserves the original construction elements of architect Petre Antonescu and combines them with contemporary design, modern lighting elements, and a terrace balanced with plenty of greenery.

Also in 2023, City Grill Group completed an investment of almost 2.5 million euros in the modernization of restaurants in the Buongiorno.Italian network.

About City Grill

City Grill Group is the most important Romanian player in the restaurant industry. Founded in 2004, City Grill Group currently operates restaurants and cafes under the brands Caru’ Cu Bere, Hanu’ lui Manuc, Pescăruș, Hanul Berarilor, Buongiorno.Italian, City Grill, and La Boheme, the first hotel in the portfolio.

Since the first restaurant, City Grill Group has been based on the idea of providing customers with a suitable place to invite a business partner for a meal, creating a necessary relaxation spot during lunch breaks, with family, or with friends. Through the operated restaurants, City Grill Group addresses the urban customer who tends to spend leisure time in the city and schedule business or personal meetings over coffee. The menus in the restaurants are affordable and diverse, with Romanian and international specialties.

Whether talking about iconic recipes or any other dish from the menus of City Grill Group restaurants, the ingredients used are the best for customers. The „secret” of the dishes in City Grill Group restaurants lies in fresh ingredients, carefully controlled and tested in origin, without food additives. From freshly fried, hand-cut potatoes to cage-free eggs and vegetables grown in the group’s greenhouse near Târgoviște, the philosophy on which the group’s chefs rely is to extract the natural taste of ingredients, enhanced by pairing and spices such as salt and pepper.

In all City Grill Group restaurants, where daily cooking is done for almost 15,000 customers, oil, glass, cardboard, and plastic are recycled, and food waste is reduced through active campaigns.


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