The Romanian Association for Smart City and Urban Scope will modernize public transport in Chisinau


The Romanian Association for Smart City and Urban Scope will modernize public transport in Chisinau


Urban Scope in collaboration with the Romanian Association for Smart City and Biz Matters announces the launch of the project „Development of e-ticketing Study for Chisinau City Hall”, a strategic partnership for the development of public transport in Chisinau.

The project aims to develop Intelligent Transport Systems in Chisinau, which represents a significant step in the direction of modernizing the public transport infrastructure and, at the same time, the first project in the consortium for Urban Scope and the Romanian Association for Smart City in the Republic of Moldova.

The partnership for the development of this project was established on December 8, in the presence of the mayor of Chisinau, Ion Ceban, being an important moment that marks the beginning of the development of a new system in public transport in the capital of the Republic of Moldova. This ambitious project, supported by European funding under the Chisinau Transport Development Initiative, focuses on creating an intelligent e-ticketing system.

This project aims to bring significant improvements to the life of the community, by facilitating access to a more efficient public transport service, technologically adapted and centered on the needs of travelers. Innovation is at the heart of this system, which promises to completely transform the passenger experience by implementing the latest technology to purchase and use tickets simply and efficiently. In addition to improving the user experience, the system will also contribute to the operational optimization of public transport, having a positive impact on the environment.

„As President of the Romanian Smart City Association, I am extremely proud to announce our first major project in the Republic of Moldova, marking an extremely important moment for our organization. This significant project in Chisinau, carried out in collaboration with Urban Scope and BizMatters Consulting, is not only an extension of our activity beyond Romania’s borders, but also a demonstration of our accumulated experience and competence in the field of smart urban development. Our experience in Romania has given us a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in transforming cities into smart, efficient and citizen-oriented communities. This experience is now capitalized in Moldova, where we will apply best practices and innovations to develop an e-ticketing system for public transport in Chisinau. It is an important step in our mission to promote smart and sustainable cities in the region. Through this project, we want to bring a positive impact on the quality of life in Chisinau and demonstrate how technology and innovation can effectively transform public services. Close collaboration with our partners and local authorities will be essential in this process. We are committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure that the proposed solutions are not only technologically advanced, but also adapted to the specific needs of the Chisinau community. This project is part of our organization’s strategy to promote national skills in the region and transform Romania into a true Regional Hub for Smart City”, says Eduard Dumitrașcu, ARSC President.

Eduard Dumitrașcu, ARSC President.

„As a representative of Urban Scope, I am deeply honored and excited to announce our involvement in this urban transformation project in Chisinau. Our collaboration with the Romanian Smart City Association within the formed consortium represents a huge step towards the materialization of our common vision to innovate and improve public transport. This project, part of the ‘MOVE IT like Lublin’ initiative, funded by the European Union, is not only an opportunity to implement advanced technological solutions, but also a platform to shape the future of urban mobility in a way that directly responds to needs and expectations citizens of Chisinau. We aim to develop an intuitive and accessible e-ticketing system that will simplify and streamline the travel experience for every user. During this project, we will focus on technological integration, but also on adopting our solutions to the specific context of Chisinau. Our main goal is to ensure that every stage of the project is carried out with care, precision and in close collaboration with all the actors involved”, says Radu Dragomir, CEO of Urban Scope.

The dedication to accelerating innovation and increasing efficiency in the public transport sector is reinforced by close collaboration with local authorities and ARSC partners, essential to ensure the success of this project. This initiative comes with several advantages for society, transforming the experience of travelers in Chisinau and contributing to the development of transport infrastructure for the benefit of the entire community.

Eduard Dumitrașcu, the founder of ARSC, developed the smart city concept in Romania. Recently, he was appointed responsible in the largest Smart City project in the world, worth 500 billion dollars, developed in Saudi Arabia, being the only Romanian involved in a project of such magnitude.

About ARSC

The Romanian Smart City Association (ARSC) is a non-governmental organization established in 2016 with the aim of supporting smart cities in Romania. ARSC, together with over 300 members and partners, encourages innovation, digitization, and new technologies as a means to transform local communities into smart and sustainable cities, developing efficient and sustainable solutions for cities and communities in Romania.


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