Radacini Group Foundation launches the second edition of the project „Biblioteca pentru scoala mea”, which is aimed at all secondary schools in rural areas


Radacini Group Foundation launches the second edition of the project „Biblioteca pentru scoala mea”, which is aimed at all secondary schools in rural areas



Radacini Group Foundation is launching the second edition of the „Biblioteca pentru scoala mea” project, an initiative aimed at stimulating interest in reading in rural secondary schools. An important new feature of this edition is the extension of the project to all rural secondary schools, regardless of the county in which they are located. The selected schools will compete for three prizes awarded by the company in the form of books and other teaching materials. Eleven individual prizes will also be awarded to students and a special prize will be presented to one of the coordinating teachers.

„Given the success of the first edition and the enthusiasm with which schools, teachers and students have welcomed us, we are delighted to announce a new round of the project, with the same well-defined goal – to nurture a passion for reading in rural secondary schools. We therefore aim to open the doors once again to the enchanting world of books, giving pupils the chance to discover the joy of reading and the extraordinary power of words,” said Milica Madadi, President of the Radacini Group Foundation.

The second edition of the project will run for 12 months, with the aim of strengthening language and literature education by transforming books into guides to knowledge and the development of critical thinking. The Roots Group Foundation thus aims to encourage students to explore the vast universe offered by reading, through which they can develop their knowledge and an autonomous, critical spirit.

The selected schools will automatically enter the race for the three prizes – 5,000 lei (first prize), 3,500 lei (second prize) and 2,500 lei (third prize) – which will be offered by the Radacini Group Foundation in the form of books and other teaching materials, at the choice of the educational institution.

The Radacini Group Foundation will send an initial pack of 22 books (11 titles in duplicate), free of charge, appropriate to the age of the participants, to each registered school. There will also be 11 individual prizes for students. Each month, for each book title, students will have the opportunity to creatively present the story they have read, and the Radacini Grup Foundation will award the student with the best presentation. The prize – 500 lei – will be awarded based on criteria such as originality, creativity, faithfulness to the text read and interpretative ability, adapted to the age of the pupil.

A special prize of 5000 lei will also be awarded to the coordinating teacher with the most award-winning presentations and the most submissions in relation to the number of secondary school students in the school.

The application period for the „Biblioteca pentru scoala mea” project, which is based on the slogan „Read, Create, Win” started on 4 December 2023 and will end on 15 January 2024, and the project’s milestones will run from 1 February 2024 to 15 January 2025. More details can be found at fundatiaradacini.ro.

The first edition of the project brought together students and teachers from 50 secondary schools in 15 Romanian counties and was launched on 15 January 2023, on the Day of National Culture.

About Radacini Group Foundation

The Radacini Group Foundation was founded with the aim of actively contributing to the development of the community and demonstrating civic spirit and involvement towards those around us. Its mission is to support social categories that need help, regardless of their needs – educational, material, health.

The Radacini Group Foundation supports numerous educational, health, school sports and cultural projects.

About Radacini Group

Radacini Group is one of the biggest players in the Romanian car market, being an authorized dealer for Mazda, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Skoda, MG, Opel, Citroen and Honda, with integrated car centers in Bucharest, Brasov, Braila, Constanta and Ploiesti.

Another division that has become increasingly complex in recent years is Radacini Estate, the group’s real estate division. A representative name in the company’s portfolio is Aviatiei Tower, a premium residential project developed in two phases in the northern part of the capital. Another real estate project is 303 by Radacini, which is mainly aimed at families seeking privacy and a retreat in nature, close to points of interest.

The group also has a division specialising in the marketing of industrial equipment and machinery, as well as in automotive training.

The group’s strategic direction also includes social responsibility, coordinated by the Radacini Grup Foundation.

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