MetaWealth expands to Spain, where it launches its fourth real estate asset, worth $3.5 million


MetaWealth expands to Spain, where it launches its fourth real estate asset, worth $3.5 million


MetaWealth, the most important fractional real estate investment platform, expands in Spain and launches the fourth asset in the portfolio. In less than a year after the release, the company successfully completed the sale of the first three assets in Bucharest. The new real estate asset made available to clients through the app consists of a selection of seven premium apartments in the Mane Residences complex in Málaga, Costa del Sol. The $3.5 million transaction offers investors a solid financial opportunity in one of Europe’s most coveted real estate markets.

The premium real estate complex Mane Residences is located in the vicinity of Marbella and benefits from an impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea and a backdrop framed by mountains. Located in one of the most popular regions in Spain, the complex is positioned close to 150 km of beaches, 70 golf courses and benefits from a pleasant temperature all year round, making it a highly attractive investment for buyers with high incomes.

The seven apartments, of which two are exclusive penthouses, out of a total of 49 available in the entire complex, offer an attractive return, forecast at approx. 45.5%, in a period of two years. Through MetaWealth, which aims to democratize access to high-value real estate investments, those interested can invest in fractions of this real estate asset with amounts starting from $100. In addition to reducing the upfront costs required in real estate investment, MetaWealth handles all legal matters in such transactions, eliminating the need for middlemen and opening the way for a new class of property buyers to an international market.

„MetaWealth carefully analyzes promising real estate projects in Europe, simplifying legal procedures and making acquisitions at favorable prices, with the aim of facilitating access to real estate investments for everyone. Our business model offers users of the application unique opportunities, replacing traditional practices in the field and transparently distributing returns globally, through advanced technology,” emphasizes Darren Carvalho, co-founder of MetaWealth.

Since launching its first real estate package 8 months ago, MetaWealth has attracted investors from 25 countries, managing over $9.5 million in assets. The platform’s efficiency and success for investors has materialized in the distribution of over $120,000 in monthly rental income. To divide ownership of asset bundles and distribute rent securely and transparently, MetaWealth uses blockchain tokenization technology. In less than a year, the application, which benefits from a simple and easy-to-use interface, has been downloaded more than 25,000 times, having approx. 10,000 active users. Among the development plans, the company aims to expand next year in Athens, Greece – another market that shows significant international interest in the real estate area. 

About MetaWealth

MetaWealth is a web3 investment platform that connects sellers and buyers of real estate, available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Users can invest in real estate fractions and other valuable assets, profiting from both recurring rental income and asset appreciation.

The MetaWealth team consists of over 20 highly skilled programmers, real estate experts and business professionals, in addition to the core team of co-founders and consultants.

Beyond the financial benefits for its users, MetaWealth believes in the value of better financial education for everyone and wants to build a community of potential investors and/or people who want to better manage their finances, building a solid future. Educational content will be one of the pillars of this community and will be constantly updated.




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