The fittech platform IKANOS is launching “IKANOS MIND – A Complete Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance”


The fittech platform IKANOS is launching “IKANOS MIND – A Complete Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance”


The fittech platform IKANOS, which emphasizes the mind-body alliance, the building of healthy habits, and provides extensive support in the process of personal transformation and achieving weight loss goals without imposing dietary restrictions, is launching “IKANOS MIND – A Complete Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance”. The guide, an eBook is aimed at those who want to lose weight.The readers will find everything they need to reach their desired weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

The purpose of the eBook, written by Natalia Cotruș, co-founder of the IKANOS platform, is to guide readers towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle without resorting to magic solutions or restrictive diets. The book explores the reasons behind previous failures and debunks myths, prejudices, and false assumptions related to a lack of ambition, willpower, or motivation. Readers will discover how to make balanced food choices and develop healthy and sustainable habits in the long term.

“The goal of this book is to explain why you don’t need to follow diets such as keto, intermittent fasting, Rina, diets with shakes, meal replacements, or weight loss marathons. It will show you a scientifically proven way to lose weight, the FlexIkanos system developed by us that does not exclude your favourite foods, whatever they may be. The only weight loss method that works is the one that adapts to your lifestyle, not the other way around. After finishing “Ikanos Mind,” you will be able to lose weight easily and maintain your desired weight in the long run“, says Natalia Cotruș, co-founder of the fittech Ikanos platform and author of the Ikanos Mind eBook.

Personalized approach, the key to success in the weight loss process.

“A crucial aspect in the weight loss process is related to the personal connection with food. Accepting a meal plan created by someone else may not align with everyone’s culinary habits and preferences. The personalized approach is the key to success in the weight loss process. Our bodies are unique, with varied nutritional needs, and a pre-created meal plan may not efficiently respond to these individual differences. Therefore, by using a ready-made plan, we risk ignoring the subtle signals of our body and not truly adapting to our specific needs“, adds Natalia Cotruș.

Launched by Natalia and Dragoș Cotruș, two entrepreneurs from Timișoara, with the firm mission of changing how Romanians relate to health and the process of achieving optimal weight, the IKANOS fittech platform has helped over 3000 people lose weight healthily, sustainably, and in the long term in its first two years of operation.

The target audience for Ikanos is predominantly educated, both male and female, of all ages. Currently, the platform targets adults actively seeking to lose weight. On average, they aim to lose around 17 kilograms.

“From a nutrition approach perspective, the Ikanos method is based on diet flexibility, without imposing dietary restrictions. We emphasize acquiring healthy habits and approach weight loss as a holistic process: diet, movement, tracking, monitoring, connection, community, emotional regulation. In practice, losing those X kilograms is not the most challenging part; rather, it’s maintaining the weight acquired. Thus, the issue is to understand which is the most suitable weight loss method for us, what essential information we need to achieve our goal, and especially what we must do not to return to where we started. The “Ikanos Mind” guide teaches you step by step how to lose weight and maintain it”, said Natalia Cotruș.

Ikanos is a suitable solution for both women and men. The age of those who have successfully completed the Ikanos program ranges from 16 to 82 years. Additionally, the newly launched eBook is addressed to all those who want to lose weight and maintain it in the long term, regardless of age, gender, or level of physical fitness, and is available here.



The fittech platform IKANOS was founded by Natalia and Dragoș Cotruș in the fall of 2021 and combines nutrition coaching with emotional management and technology, supporting permanent lifestyle changes. The platform is offered through an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile phone app integrated into daily life. IKANOS differentiates itself from other methods through its holistic approach. While weight loss is essentially maintaining a caloric deficit, the IKANOS platform emphasizes the mind-body alliance, building healthy habits, and provides extensive support in the process of personal transformation and achieving weight loss goals without imposing dietary restrictions.

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