Trust Expert, the Romanian company founded in Piatra Neamț, celebrates 30 years of excellence in the HVAC systems field


Trust Expert, the Romanian company founded in Piatra Neamț, celebrates 30 years of excellence in the HVAC systems field

  • The year 2023 marks 30 years since the establishment of Trust Expert. The Romanian company ended 2022 with a turnover of over 75,000,000 lei and a net profit of over 12,500,000 lei;
  • Trust Expert aims to increase its turnover by 300% for the next five years with an integrated offer of products and services in the field of HVAC solutions. The company anticipates ending 2023 with a turnover of 88,000,000 lei.

Trust Expert, a 100% Romanian company, one of the market leaders in offering solutions and air conditioning systems, celebrates 30 years of activity and announces a portfolio of integrated services. A pioneer in energy technologies, Trust Expert has served over 400,000 customers throughout the three decades of innovation, registering a turnover of 75,000,000 lei in 2022, a percentage increase in business of 50% compared to 2021.

Founded in 1993 in Piatra Neamț, Trust Expert is an essential player in the air conditioning industry and the transformation of the energy market in Romania. In the 30 years of activity, the company has recorded constant financial growth, especially in portfolio, products, services, customers, and partners. The Henco multilayer pipe or the introduction of wood-burning boilers with gasifiers in Romania are just some of the innovations brought to the local level.

„Thirty years means a history, but also a future. This is not only the anniversary of a company but also a celebration of dedication, innovation, and commitment to society. Our aim has always been to serve the community’s immediate needs without losing sight of the long-term impact of our decisions. That means investing in sustainable technologies and constantly adapting our business model to remain relevant and pioneers in the sector in which we operate. For the next 30 years, we promise the same excellence, dedication, and innovation that have established us,” said Gabriel Anićai, founder & CEO of Trust Expert.

Moreover, in the last 15 years, the company has focused on placing heat pumps at the center of the business, promoting their adoption on a large scale, a more economical and sustainable alternative to conventional heating or cooling systems. Looking to the future and following international market trends to transition to sustainable and energy-efficient systems, Trust Expert aims to increase its turnover by 300% for the next five years. Moreover, the company anticipates ending in 2023 with a turnover of approximately 88,000,000 lei.

Trust Expert, 30 years of HVAC excellence

In the 30 years of activity, Trust Expert has become a reference point in the field of HVAC systems, offering innovative and efficient alternatives for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. With a diverse portfolio that includes residential and industrial projects, the company is the exclusive importer of international brands such as NIBE Sweden, SABIANA Italy, HENCO Belgium, EUROACQUE Italy, and INDECAL Italy.

Trust Expert has consolidated its leading position in the supply of HVAC systems by offering technologically advanced solutions aligned with international sustainable development standards. One of the pillars at the heart of Trust Expert’s business model is adopting and actively promoting heat pumps as a sustainable solution to reduce carbon emissions from the atmosphere significantly. This technology is becoming more and more attractive to consumers. Still, it also places it at the center of discussions on environmental policies and combating climate change.

„Since the company’s founding, our aim has not been to supply high-quality air conditioning systems but a partner for comfort and prosperity. We are proud of our exclusive partnerships with established brands and grateful to the customers who welcomed and trusted us into their homes. Only with their help a Romanian company become one of the market leaders alongside well-known international players,” adds Gabriel Anićai, founder and general Director of Trust Expert.

Trust Expert honors its commitment to innovation and sustainability not only through the products and services offered but also through a package of technical assistance, from pre-sales consultation to post-installation support, while also offering customized solutions that meet the needs of each project. Lastly, the company aims to become an integrated HVAC service provider.

„What do I want at 30 years?”, anniversary campaign dedicated to Trust Expert clients

To mark the 30 years of activity not only from the perspective of business milestones but also by creating a deeper connection with the company’s clients and partners, Trust Expert is launching the anniversary campaign „What do I want at 30 years old?”. This creates the perfect occasion for celebration, reflection, and reassessment of the company’s mission: to become a partner in achieving shared goals with its customers.

„The anniversary campaign concept capitalizes on the connection between us and our audience. Just as everyone asks questions in their 30s about who they are, their values, and how they can contribute to their well-being and those close to them, we turn our attention to those aspirations we share with our clients: a healthy family, a prosperous business, and free time spent in comfort and safety with friends. We set out to open an authentic dialogue where everyone can express their needs and desires. Whether it’s about an efficient ventilation system that doesn’t fluctuate or about ensuring an indoor climate that emphasizes health and comfort, Trust Expert is committed to providing the right solutions, ” said Alexandru Marin, Trust Expert Marketing Director.


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