OTP Bank Romania reports a remarkable result of cultural transformation in the local banking sector


OTP Bank Romania reports a remarkable result of cultural transformation in the local banking sector


  • Following complex transformation programs, the Bank managed to transition from a defensive organizational culture to a constructive and humanistic one, and to report a high level of employee engagement.
  • Three out of four OTP Bank Romania employees consider that they have a manageable workload.

OTP Bank Romania has made significant progress in the process of transforming its organizational culture, setting a new local banking industry standard, according to the Cultural Diagnosis study carried out by the organizational consulting company Human Synergistics Romania.

Compared to the initial study, carried out in 2015, the 2023 edition highlights the transition carried out by OTP Bank Romania from a defensive organizational behaviour to a constructive one, as an effect of the internal culture programs implemented during the last eight years.

„It is the most notable cultural transformation process in the banking industry”, said Iuliana Stan, sociologist, organizational culture consultant and Managing Partner of Human Synergistics Romania, the company that facilitated the study and works with most companies in the banking industry for similar analysis. „OTP Bank Romania’s progress is the result of projects with a well determined goal, supported by the bank’s management, optimally implemented by dedicated specialists and accepted with great openness by those who represent the heart of the bank, its own employees”, added Iuliana Stan.

To assess the progress in the company culture transformation process, the study is carried out based on the Circumplex research model, and the analysis of 2023 reflects a significant paradigm shift compared to the results reported eight years before.

At the start of the organizational culture improvement process defensive behaviours (aggressive and passive-aggressive) prevailed, with special emphasis on „competitive” and „oppositional” styles. After years of thorough work prioritized on facilitating a change in organizational culture, currently, the constructive styles, respectively „self-development”, „humanistic encouragement” and „affiliation”, have significant increases and are at the highest levels highlighted in the analysis.

„In recent years, OTP Bank has taken important steps in organizational development, cultivating a healthy culture that prioritizes employee well-being, along with achieving high-quality results. By managing workload and aligning priorities in different areas of activity, we have fostered an environment that encourages productive and constructive behaviours. We continue to focus on maintaining a workplace where employees develop and feel that their contribution is appreciated,” said Diana Mișa, Executive Director of OTP Bank Romania.

Diana Mișa, Executive Director of OTP Bank Romania

OTP Bank has tracked the progress of these organizational programs through multiple employee feedback collection channels. Moreover, in the annual studies that evaluated the level of employee commitment, OTP Bank Romania has made it its mission to consistently address those dimensions that needed more attention to be improved.

A conclusive example is the way the bank managed an important topic for employees, namely the workload. If in 2021, 60% of OTP Bank employees considered that their workload to be manageable, one year later, in 2022, after concrete actions regarding the efficiency and/or automation of important processes in the organization, the perception of those who considered that the workload is manageable increased by 14 percentage points, to 74%.

More than 900 OTP Bank Romania employees from different structures of the bank participated in this study, which took place between April 20 and May 19, 2023. The study was based on the analysis tool developed by Human Synergistics and had a response rate of 67%, a figure considered representative according to standards.

Human Synergistics, the organization that carried out the Cultural Diagnosis of OTP Bank Romania both in 2015 and in 2023, also carried out in 2022 an extensive study on the organizational culture of Romanian companies from various industries. The result positions the Organizational Culture in Romania towards a constructive spectrum, „Encouraging Humanist”, an overall image that also characterizes OTP Bank Romania at present.

About OTP Bank Romania

OTP Bank Romania is the subsidiary of OTP Group, a universal bank with a very good presence in Central and Eastern Europe, which offers complete financial solutions, being active in both the retail and corporate segments. After four years of constant and considerable growth in all business lines, OTP Bank Romania is moving towards a process of consolidating its portfolio and operations. With a team that embraces change and capitalizes on its potential, OTP Bank Romania builds a culture of trust at every level of the organization. In Romania, the members of the OTP Group are OTP Bank Romania, OTP Consulting, OTP Leasing, OTP Asset Management, OTP Factoring, OTP Advisors and the OTP Bank Romania Foundation.


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