OTP Bank Romania offers Visa Junior Plus Card to customers aged 8 to 18


OTP Bank Romania offers Visa Junior Plus Card to customers aged 8 to 18

OTP Bank Romania is relaunching the Visa Junior Plus card by extending the minimum age of users to 8 years old. As a result, children and teenagers aged between 8 and 18 can now enjoy the benefits of their own savings account and the attached debit card with reduced costs.

The Visa Junior Plus card is available in Romanian Lei or Euros and can be used for payments and cash withdrawals both in Romania and abroad. It can be linked to the „Junior Start” account (for users under 14) or the „Junior Plus” account for users over 14, with access to the OTP SmartBank mobile application. This provides young users with an integrated and transparent banking experience, guiding them through their first steps in financial services within a controlled framework. To avoid exposing users to potential risks, the card comes with standard usage limits and a set of restrictions designed to protect against fraudulent or unsafe purchases.

We are launching a simple and efficient financial tool that provides the next generation with essential money management skills and encourages responsible spending habits. By extending the age range for which we offer this debit card, young people can now, under parental supervision, enjoy the benefits of modern banking. With comprehensive risk control measures and complete safety features, this card offers young customers and their families a secure start to a balanced financial future,” stated Adrian Chichiță, Director of Card Services, OTP Bank Romania.

The Visa Junior Plus card incurs zero fees for issuance, monthly administration, and ATM PIN change. Additionally, the withdrawal fee from any ATM in Romania for the first two transactions each month is waived.

To ensure the protection of young users, the Visa Junior Plus card incorporates clear risk control measures:

  • Standardized and predefined usage limits, modifiable only upon explicit request by a legal representative.
  • Permanent restrictions to prevent inappropriate purchases by minors at certain merchant categories.
  • Ability to receive SMS alerts for transactions performed by the minor.

To obtain the Visa Junior Plus card, the minor, accompanied by their legal representatives, whether both parents, one parent, or a guardian, can request card issuance linked to the account at any OTP Bank Romania branch. The issuance requires presenting the minor’s and legal representatives’ personal identification documents along with the necessary forms provided at the bank branch.

More details about the Visa Junior Plus card from OTP Bank Romania can be found here.

About OTP Bank Romania

OTP Bank Romania is the subsidiary of OTP Group, a universal bank with a very good presence in Central and Eastern Europe, which offers complete financial solutions, being active in both the retail and corporate segments. After four years of constant and considerable growth in all business lines, OTP Bank Romania is moving towards a process of consolidating its portfolio and operations. With a team that embraces change and capitalizes on its potential, OTP Bank Romania builds a culture of trust at every level of the organization. In Romania, the members of the OTP Group are OTP Bank Romania, OTP Consulting, OTP Leasing, OTP Asset Management, OTP Factoring, OTP Advisors and the OTP Bank Romania Foundation.

About OTP Group

OTP Group is one of the fastest growing and one of the leading banking groups in the Central and Eastern European region, with outstanding profitability and a stable capital and liquidity position. With more than 41,000 employees in now 12 countries of the CEE and Central Asian region, the Group provides universal financial services to more than 17.5 million customers. As the most active consolidator in the banking sector of the Central and Eastern European region, the Group has successfully acquired and integrated 23 banks since the early 2000s. Currently, the Bank is a market leader in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and in Slovenia. OTP Group is headquartered in Hungary and has a diversified and transparent ownership structure. The Banking Group has been listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange since 1995.


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