New partnership between Nine O’Clock and Dr. Kristine Bago


New partnership between Nine O’Clock and Dr. Kristine Bago


The Diplomatic Newspaper „Nine O’Clock” and Dr. Kristine Bago, a well-known financial auditor with extensive industry experience  – former Big4 alumna, entrepreneur in the financial services, economic influencer & TV show producer, are pleased to announce a new collaboration aiming to bring a significant value to the financial landscape of Romania.

The new partnership will represent a synergy between high quality journalism and the extensive expertise of Dr. Kristine Bago in the field of financial auditing, that will be concluded in a new dedicated category in the Diplomatic Newspaper Nine O’Clock:

„The Interview of the Week by Dr. Kristine Bago”.

In addition to economic and financial debates adjusted according to the major events within each period, Kristine Bago will bring remarkable specialists from various representative industries, as well as successful entrepreneurs/leaders who have excelled in the Romanian business environment through their outstanding financial results and performances.

 By directly consulting their opinions on various issues of national interest concerning the financial education for both society, in general and individuals, in particulary  – playing the role model for every person in terms of economic information necessairly to know/acquire in order to benefit from a higher standard of life, how to build a successful business in terms of strategy, resource attraction, development of the major skills needed for a profitable and sustainable business, how to implement an idea, how to identify and manage risks in advance, how to transform challenges into opportunities by correctly approaching the business environment, Nine O’Clock‘ readers will gain access to the highest know-how, based on the expertise, experience and training of the most representative business leaders in Romania.

Through this alliance, the two parties aim to provide verified information, relevant financial opinions, and analyses  – made by Dr. Kristine Bago and her guests, contributing to the development of a comprehensive, certified, and objective perspective over the economic and financial view in Romania, fully agreed with the original mission of Nine O’Clock:

„to be the first contact for foreign residents  – diplomats, business people, bankers, etc. – with the Romanian reality”, „which has always been a major duty in front of an elite audience, because a large part of the information, reports, and comments published in the newspaper’s pages reach the chancelleries of world capitals or the offices of officials from various international organizations or financial institutions, providing them with an accurate picture of the political, economic and social situation in Romania”, as stated by the newspaper’s owner, Mr. Mihai Manea.


The Diplomatic Newspaper „Nine O’Clock” is well-known for its dedication to a high quality journalism, characterized by objectivity and professionalism, as well as its coverage of major international and local events.

The collaboration with Dr. Kristine Bago will bring an additional dimension to the current business view in Romania, offering to Nine O’Clockreaders access to the strategy of the most important leaders in Romania and a deep understanding of financial key concepts.


Mihai Manea, the new owner of the Diplomatic Newspaper Nine O’Clock, states:

„The involvement of Dr. Kristine Bago in this project will bring a critical perspective and valuable information to the publication’s readers. With a solid reputation built on integrity and professionalism, she managed to establish herself relatively quickly in the Romanian financial market as a leader, in which people trust.”


For more information, please contact:

The Diplomatic Newspaper „Nine O’Clock”



About Nine O’Clock




With a tradition of 32 years in Romania, Nine O’Clock is the first & only Romanian newspaper written in English.

The Nine O’Clock newspaper appears daily, from Monday to Friday, in electronic format and is shared to subscribers via email in PDF format.

Upon customer requests (such as hotels, multinational companies, etc.), the publisher prints the electronic edition.

In addition to the PDF format, Nine O’Clock also has an online platform where economic news and materials are published  – the access to the Nine O’Clock online platform is available for a fee, based on a subscription.

In its 32 years of activity, Nine O’Clock has become the connection between Romania and the outside world, a unique ‘ambassador’ for our country.

As of this summer, the publication is owned by Mr. Mihai Manea, through the press distributor Manpres, of which he is the sole shareholder.

About Manpres






Manpres operates as a press distributor and related subscription provider since 2007.

The company’s shareholder is Mr. Mihai Manea, who owns 100% of the company.

Currently, Manpres distributes over 500 printed titles on the Romanian market – both local & international; and over 8,000 digital publications.


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